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Most Polite Dog Ever Very, Very Politely Retrieves Its Frisbee From The Pool Without Breaking The Rules.

Maya the Weimaraner's frisbee got stuck in the pool and she can't reach it, but she's not allowed to get in! See what she does to retrieve it in this suspenseful and funny video.

This dog is clearly very, very well trained. Maya is a Weimaraner and a proper lady and Maya knows she’s not allowed in the pool, so how is she supposed to ever get her frisbee back? She REALLY REAAAALLLLY wants that frisbee! Somebody give this dog her frisbee! It’s just…ever so slightly out of reach, but she’s too polite to jump in and get it. How does the most polite dog ever get her frisbee back? With determination and persistence, that’s how. You have never tried as hard at anything in your life. No one has.

This video may only be 54 seconds long, but it’s a real edge-of-your-seat-nail-biting thriller.

Source: YouTube