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Does This Cheeky Bird Have Whisker Envy?

Noonie the cockatiel decides to help feline buddy Galatea with her dishevelled whiskers; or perhaps he just just wants to steal a few whiskers for himself.

Noonie the cockatiel obviously thought his feline friend, Galatea, looked like something the cat dragged in. So, the feathered coiffeur got busy preening and grooming her disheveled whiskers.

But all is not as it seems! On closer inspection it appears the cheeky bird’s attentions may not be entirely selfless. On a few occasions it looks as though he is trying to pluck a whisker or two for himself!

Hang on, surely this is meant to be a gentle detangling and primping session? Is it possible for birds to experience whisker envy?

Sorry Noonie, but it’s Whiskers Wednesday NOT Feathers Friday!

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