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Demanding Cat Causes Owner to Die in Zombie Apocalypse

Nala the cat uses her fluffy charms to prevent owner Alexander Fredriksen from playing video games.

I have no doubt Nala, a beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat and Maine Coon mix, would defend her owner to the end, if hoards of the undead suddenly stormed his comfy looking sofa.

Well, maybe she would, but he’d probably need to have some form of game controller, tablet or iPad in his hands. Every time her owner tries to settle down for a gaming session, he gets a face full of Nala!

It is really quite sweet!

Yes, the one thing this jealous moggy hates more than anything is technology. And who could blame her for that? Why would you want anything else when you could have a cuddle with Nala?

Oh, the one piece of technology this 5-year old kitty does seem to love is the camera – when it’s aimed at her!

Check out her Instagram page living_with_nala

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