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Making the world a better place for dogs.

Clever Cat Finds Way To Look Outside

Buttercup the Ragdoll cat finds a clever way to take a peek at the outside world. Watch how determined she is in this cute video.

It’s not clear whether she heard the postman coming or just fancied a quick peek at the outside world, but one thing is clear; Buttercup is a clever cat! This feisty Ragdoll wasn’t deterred from her mission despite the litter box barricade by front of the door.

Clearly a kitty with a purpose, she gave the door a determined look before doing that cute little bum-wiggle thing all cat lovers adore. Although Buttercup seemed to have a comfortable perch she didn’t hang around for long. Maybe there was nothing to see? Or maybe she managed to scare the crap out of a door-to-door sales person.